Become a Spiritually-Intelligent Leader That Impacts the Ummah

We partner with the world's best faith-based instructors to offer live, cohort-based, online Masterclasses that connect spirituality to personal and professional development.

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What is Spiritual Intelligence Leadership?

We believe every Muslim has the capacity to cultivate spiritual-intelligent leadership skills that helps them become:


vs. Ego-Centered


vs. Worldly Focus


vs. Personal Success Driven

With a critical mass of spiritual-intelligent leaders, we can truly impact the Ummah and World at large.

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Why Cohort-Based Learning?

We believe that learning is better with like-hearted individuals who start and finish a Masterclass together. Fixed start and end dates add a sense of urgency and focus. Cohort-based learnings also offer a mix of live lectures with instructors, pre-recorded videos, active participation in conversations, applied learning exercises, and breakout groups.




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Wellness Masterclass

with Richard Jordan


Productivity Masterclass

with Mohammed Faris
Starts Thursday, 2 Jumada-II (6 Jan 2022)

Confidence Masterclass

with Hafsah Adham
Starts Sun, 11th Safar (19 Sep 2021)

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Mindfulness Masterclass

with Wadud Hassan
Starts 5th Rabi-l (12 Oct 2021)

Our Students ❤️ Us

"Jazakoum Allah khairan, I've learnt so much that I'm ready to apply in sha Allah as much Barakah as I can progressively into my life. A very valuable course for my Dunya and Akhirah Alhamdulillah."

- Nadine Kabbou

"Thanks so much. This course is very simple and practical, I used to read a lot of materials about goal setting written by non-Muslims and I could not apply it to my real life, I was looking for a simple guide that aligned with my values and my religion like this one. Keep up the good job that you are doing for your ummah."

- Qadar Mohamed Said

"Barakah Academy was a lifeline when I was drowning in a sea of self-help material promoting 'hustle culture'. Barakah Academy constantly reaffirms why I was involved in personal growth and development in the first place and that is to fulfill my Divine purpose."

- Shehzadi

"Now THAT’s what I call content!!! SubhanAllah I have been watching only 4 lessons and I can’t stop jotting down great points. Your lecture is very relatable, thank you for showing us a blessed perspective of seeking professional success. It kills the conflict between Deen and Dunya. JazaKAllahu khairan."

- Muslimah

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