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Sometimes you wonder why you work so hard... but your income isn’t enough to cover your expenses.

For your family, food, housing, bills, and even daily needs.

So naturally, the next logical step is... to work harder.

To put in longer hours at your job.

To embrace the hustle and grind.

And maybe find a second job to supplement the first one.

Weeks or months later you may get the extra cash coming in... alhamdulillah.

But then something else happens.

It could be...

  • Your child falling ill and needing medical attention.
  • Your car ‘suddenly’ breaks down and needs repair.
  • Your kitchen sink gets choked and needs plumbing work.

These unforeseen incidents take away the cash you worked hard for in the first place.

You’re back at square one... or maybe worse.

It’s almost as if all your time, effort, and money are wasted.

Your best efforts to achieve more... sometimes backfires.

Why does this happen?

The scholars say this may be a sign of a lack of divine blessings (Barakah) in our wealth. 

Here’s the thing - during the hustle and bustle of our lives... we may have unknowingly:

  • Hastened our prayers. 
  • Shortened our duas. 
  • Neglected zakah and sadaqah. 
  • Become brash at work or at home. 
  • Started rushing through the day... and forgetting our core responsibilities as a Muslim. 

Some of these factors can reduce the blessings in all that you do. 

And what you experience... may be a test from Allah SWT or a mercy in disguise (just that you don’t realize it yet).

Which then causes you to pause and reflect for a little bit. 

To turn towards Allah in prayer and dua for all your needs. 

To be patient and steadfast. 

And learning to be reliant upon Him.

But first... what is Barakah?

Barakah is a term that means an “increase”, a “growth", and also “happiness”. 

It is the Divine Goodness in something that cannot be outwardly quantified nor limited by anything.

But rather... it has blessings that cause an increase and benefit from Allah into our lives.

Now... having more Barakah in our wealth doesn’t mean more money in our pockets.

It means that the benefits of our money or rizq reach further and last longer.

It increases and decreases depending on the good and bad actions we do.

And with Barakah... comes a blessed and peaceful life as a Muslim.

What can you do to bring more Barakah in life?

  • make your intention for the sake of Allah
  • earn a lawful (halal) and wholesome income
  • work with excellence, loyalty, and honesty
  • being grateful for what you have 
  • read Qur’an in your home
  • be obedient, dutiful, and respectful to your parents
  • keep up family ties and do good to relatives
  • start working in the early part of the day
  • treat others well
  • place your full trust in Allah

When we attach our hearts to Allah SWT and make Him our sole goal and purpose... then inshaAllah Barakah will enter our lives from unimaginable places.

But now the question is... how do we put it into practice on a daily basis?

Introducing: Barakah Academy

Over the last 10 years, The Productive Muslim Company has been at the forefront of connecting Islam to Peak Performance Science.

With Barakah Academy, we’re expanding our research to connect spirituality with all major topics under Personal and Professional Development.

Barakah Academy is your online learning platform for Muslims seeking to learn practical personal and professional development skills that are faith-based and linked to the latest research and science.

It’s your global community of like-hearted professionals who want to live a better version of themselves.

Embrace the Hustle Culture Barakah Culture

From Hustle Culture

  • Ego-Centric
  • Personal Success-Driven
  • Worldly Focus
  • Scarcity Mindset
  • Seeking Credit
  • Distracted/Rushed/Busy
  • Sense of Entitlement

To Barakah Culture

  • Allah-Centric
  • Purpose & Impact-Driven
  • Hereafter Focus
  • Abundance Mindset
  • Grateful to Allah & Others
  • Focused, Tranquil, & Present
  • Sense of Responsibility

What will you get inside Barakah Academy?

#1 Access To On-Demand Courses

Life Goals Gardening

Traditional goal-setting methods just don’t work. Learn the 7 steps of setting up and achieving your life goals/intentions while using practical tools to keep track and make the most of these intentions.

Prophetic Leadership

Learn how to implement the Barakah mindset, the sources of Barakah, how to increase your leadership capacity, and examples of Prophetic leadership characteristics.

Overcome Anxiety

Understand the nature of anxiety, why people become anxious, how to cope with anxiety, the spiritual mechanisms that help one overcome anxiety, the psychological dimension of anxiety, and practical tips to effectively overcome it.

and so much more (for members only)! 

#2 Curated Book Club

Gain access and join in-depth discussions on various personal and professional development books - using a faith-based approach.

Highly curated content

You will get learning points from one book per month, and additional resources added EVERY WEEK! These books will be hand-selected by the Book Club Leader to help you gain a wider perspective and solve problems that arise in our day-to-day lives. 

Choose your own adventure

On top of the monthly readings, you also get to choose specific books and topics from our Book Catalogue to read at your own time and pace. This is especially useful to cater to each stage of your life, while still learning in a dynamic way.

Faith-based critical thinking

For each book that you read, we’ll discuss how it aligns with your spirituality in a monthly Summary Call with our Book Club Leader. You'll leave with practical tips to put it to practice immediately, which will elevate your productivity, inshaAllah!  

Community conversations

Here’s another gem for you...

The community conversations are where you’ll get to share, bounce off ideas, discuss important topics and real-world experiences with fellow members. After all, it’s the power of a Barakah-conscious community that elevates the entire society as a whole.

#3 Themed Group Calls

Every month, we offer a range of live calls to meet and exchange ideas with other members.

Whether faith-inspired, profession-specific dialogue or inspirational Barakah stories, there's space for it all!

These topic-specific calls are for you to discuss your thoughts and stories while coming together as a community to share practical ideas around the biggest challenges we face day-to-day.

These calls are bound to be the highlight of your experience at Barakah Academy!

#4 Private Community via

One of our most coveted features, Barakah Academy includes a private and safe space for our members to interact and network as well.

This platform is an added bonus on top of the on-demand trainings, Book Club sessions, and Barakah Calls that you are entitled to.

You’ll be able to discuss topics, ask questions, celebrate successes, and keep track of all the latest updates within the Barakah Academy and its community!

#5 Members-Only discounts to ALL our Masterclasses, Events, and Programs

As a special perk of being a Barakah Academy member, you will enjoy exclusive discounts on ALL of the Productive Muslim Masterclasses, events, and programs!

  • Productive Muslim Masterclass (15% OFF)
  • Money Masterclass (15% OFF)
  • Mindfulness Masterclass (15% OFF)
  • and more!

Our Members ❤️ Us

"Barakah Academy was a lifeline when I was drowning in a sea of self-help material promoting "hustle culture". Barakah Academy constantly reaffirms why I was involved in personal growth and development in the first place and that is to fulfill my Divine purpose."


"Jazakoum Allah khairan, I've learnt so much that I'm ready to apply in sha Allah as much Barakah as I can progressively into my life. A very valuable course for my Dunya and akirah Alhamdulillah."

Nadine Kabbou

"Thanks so much. This course is very simple and practical, I used to read a lot of materials about goal setting written by non- Muslims and I could not apply it to my real life, I was looking for a simple guide that aligned with my values and my religion like this one. keep up the good job that you are doing for your ummah."

Qadar Mohamed Said

"Now THAT’s what I call content!!! subhanAllah I have been watching only 4 lessons and I can’t stop jotting down great points. Your lecture is very relatable, thank you for showing us a blessed perspective of seeking professional success. It kills the conflict between deen and Dunya. JazaKAllahu khairan."


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Imagine how different life would be 1 year from now... having known all the habits, practices that can elevate and add more Barakah into your life.

And the easiest and fastest way to grow and develop as a person is to surround yourself with positive, like-minded people.

In Barakah Academy.

And how that will eventually impact your future, your family as well as the community at large.

Not just at this moment... but for the coming years and generations to come.

So join us to reignite Barakah Culture throughout the globe.

And it starts with... you and me, inshaAllah. :)

In Summary - The Barakah Academy Membership Includes:

#1 On Demand Courses

(worth $500)

Short, practical, life-Skill courses that connect spirituality to personal and professional and development.

#2 Book Club

(worth $300)

Gain access and join in-depth discussions on various personal and professional development books - using a faith-based approach. 

#3 Group Calls

(worth $450)

These calls are the highlight of your experience at Barakah Academy and are extremely insightful!

#4 Private Community

(worth $250)

You’ll be able to discuss topics important to you, join special interest groups, ask questions, celebrate successes, and keep track of all the latest events and workshops within the Barakah Academy and its community!

#6 Members-Only Discounts

(total savings: $300)

  • Productive Muslim Masterclass (15% OFF) 
  • Mindfulness Masterclass (15% OFF)
  • and ALL of the upcoming Productive Muslim Masterclasses, events and programs!

Total Price: $1800/year

Your Investment Today: $275/Year (or less than 76 cents per day)

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